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About Us

About Us

We believe in the sanctity of production.

MEKO Metal has started its production operations in 1969 in 10.000 sqmtr area and continues its operations under KMC Group since 2011 by collaborating their unique commercial & technical production knowledge and experiences in 100.000 sqmtr area in Torbalı-Izmir, with annual production capacity of 150.000 tons by following the worldwide technological developments. With its increasing export volume, firm steps are taken in order to become one of the top 3 companies in the world that comes to mind when it comes to the special profiles.

We are experts in open, welded and stainless steel profiles.

With the technical knowledge and experience in open, welded and stainless steel profiles, MEKO Metal serves to automotive main industry, furniture, domestic appliances, steel goods, decoration, heating & cooling, air conditioning, civil works & steel construction, scaffolding profiles, heated towel racks, solar energy systems, and agricultural irrigation & greenhouse industries with its special profiles. The design & production of the molds, tools, rolls etc. that are used in the production process, are made in-house by MEKO Metal.

Our Mission

Becoming a group, which is hard-working, devoted to its essence and values, a pioneer in technology, prominent in both local and international markets, contributing to country’s economy, and a place where young people will be proud to work at.

Our Vision

To be a leading brand that is known worldwide when it comes to special profiles with high value-added products in every field where steel profile is used, perfectly meets customer demands, is known for its quality.


The basis of our relations is created by the principle of mutual trust. "Trust" is the most important element that creates our strong bonds, both in our cooperation with our employees and in producing special solutions with our customers.


We are aware of our responsibility towards  our employees, environment, society and our country and we carry on the path of this awareness. We strive to fulfill our responsibilities arising from respect in all our relationships that surround us.

Open Communication

We communicate in a straight, respectful and open way. Opinions and point of views declared regardless of hierarchy prevent possible miscommunications and strengthens organizational bonds.


Our main value is transparency and trust in our relations with our customers, suppliers and employees. It is one of our most important principles to fulfill our commitments on time and completely, to establish long-term and trust-based relationships.

Quality of Work

We aim for the best quality in all processes such as production, product, delivery with our more than a half century experience.


We believe that success comes from being quick, result-oriented and flexible. We work all together as a team to achieve the same goal. We respond quickly and effectively to internal and external opportunities and threats.

President’s Message

I had nothing but only faith, perseverance and doing my job right in this journey, which I started alone in a 35 square meter store. Today, I’m very grateful for nine different companies, a very precious family with more than 700 people and the huge success we have achieved all together under KMC Group structure.

With an institutional structure and innovative approach; we are getting stronger by supporting all kinds of development of our labor force, which is the greatest power we have, by adapting all kinds of today’s technological possibilities offered to our operational processes and by making all the investments required by our business.

We are fully aware that our responsibilities increase on behalf of our country increases as we grow and develop. We are working with all of our strength in order to fulfill them.

Ahmet Eren Anatolian High-School, Huriye Eren Elementary School, Erciyes University Ziya Eren Faculty of Education are our support for education. On the other hand, Betül-Ziya Eren Genom Stem Cell Center, Erciyes University Medicine Development Center and Gebze Technical University Teknopark A.Ş. Design Oriented Prototype Development Center are our social responsibility projects for health and science.

I believe that many more achievements await us with our values guiding us, our management supporting the team spirit and our seven hundred employees embracing our values.

I sincerely would like to thank our employees and managers who bring life to our group, our partners, customers and suppliers that we are in cooperation with.

Best Regards,

Ziya Eren
KMC Group Chairman of the Executive Board

Director's Message

After graduating from Karadeniz Technical University in 2015, I started to work at Meko Metal as a production engineer, then continued to work as a production manager. Thanks to the belief and trust in young people in KMC Group, I’ve been working as the General Manager of MEKO Metal for the last 3 years with the awareness of the responsibilities on my shoulders. With the awareness of this opportunity given to me at the age of 25, I wish to impress this sense of trust on newcomers in our team and future candidates who are new graduates and have fresh minds. I believe that a team that is given the opportunity and believes in hard working will always carry us forward. Here in Meko Metal, with our investments in production, design and R&D center; we support the development of our labor force, the most valuable power we have, and include today’s technologies into our operational processes.

With the responsibility of the saying ‘‘All the hope and future of the homeland is connected to you, the understanding and energy of the young generations’’ by the founder of Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, my main goal is Meko Metal, an industry pioneer, to be in the top three companies in the world, in this field, by combining our experience and knowledge with new technologies. We take firm steps towards our goals and dreams all together as MEKO team.

Best Regards,

Mustafa Yıldırım
General Manager