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It is the process of reaching the desired profile section, welded or unwelded, by passing the flat raw material of determined thickness in the production line through the forming stations respectively. Drilling can be done on the line for the desired section and in a separate unit.

We offer processing options such as end spinning, bow tie, bending, drilling, slot opening, blasting.

Minimum order quantities differ according to the requested product type. This amount; It is determined according to variables such as product cross-section, material thickness, material quality. When you contact us, you will be informed about the minimum order amount regarding your request by our customer representatives.

We have profile processing capability in the range of 0,40 mm - 8,00 mm thickness.

Cold band (CRC), hot band (HRC), pre-galvanized, magnelis, alusi, chrome-nickel alloy steel are used in our profile production.

ISO 9001 : 2015, IATF 16949 : 2016 and EN 1090 CE

In the current system, production is made for customer demands, there is no product catalog with a fixed price. Industry-based promotional product catalog is used.

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