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Human Resources

KMC Group / Meko Metal Human Resources aims to increase the employee satisfaction and enhance the brand equity by using the agile HR tools in an increasing competitive environment. 

Hiring Policy 

As KMC Group / Meko Metal, the basis of our employment policy is to hire open-minded, developing and customer-oriented people and to create the highest value adding.

We aim to reach our vision by increasing our success stories with the help of our highly involved employees.

Candidates who would like to join to KMC Group / Meko Metal family may send their CV to or may apply by clicking the link below and fill out the application form.


In line with increasing competition conditions, we provide continuous training opportunities to our employees and we aim our employees to show high performance by enhancing their competencies.

  • Orientation Program: Is applied to newcomers to inform them about the company culture, management and organization structure.
  • Vocational Training: A training program aims to increase the knowledge and the skill employees need while fulfilling their duties.
  • Personal Improvement Trainings: These programs aim to increase the personal competence levels of our employees. Such trainings are determined annually as a result of Education Necessity Analyze and are arranged either by internally or outsource.
  • Online Education Platform: This platform provides continuing education to our employees wherever and whenever they want.         

KMC Academy 

We update and improve our advancement programs for our team members with high potential.

  • Operator Training Program: This field personnel oriented improvement program carries Meko Metal brand to future and trains expert and multi-skilled operators.
  • Office Staff Improvement Program : This program aims to provide different career opportunities to our employees by rotating them in KMC Group companies and engaging promotion systems.

Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) Program

With the personal Kazien requests coming from our employees, we simplify our processes, wipe out the waste, minimize the industrial accidents, increase the equipment productivity, advance our quality and protect the environment.

Within the scope of Kobetsu Kaizen studies carried out by our office staff, we minimize our losses with the synergy created by members of different departments.

Internship Programs

We evaluate the internship applications of students who want to do internship in our company. However, this opportunity is limited to the compulsory internship programs of universities and the winter term internship programs of vocational high schools.

Social Activities

As KMC Group, we aim to improve the synergy among our employees with periodic activities that strengthen bonds and motivation.